Monday, September 21, 2009

Thank you, and goodbye

Conspiracy? Blackmail? The Curse of the BOTYs? Or just changing personal circumstances?

I'm tempted, in the style of Derren Brown's lottery shenanigans, to write a massively long blog post explaining in great detail a possible conspiracy involving everyone from Vince Cable to Irfan Ahmed, Iain Dale to Mark Pack; before mentioning in the last sentence that, alternatively, I might just be too busy.

For, having been placed third in the Total Politics poll of Lib Dem blogs and then winning Lib Dem Blog of the Year 2009, the Cafe is closing after just a year in business. I've swept the floor and put the chairs on the tables for the last time. It only remains to turn off the lights, lock the door and walk away.

I could have decided to keep the Cafe as a going concern and open it up for special occasions, as previous BOTY winners James Graham and Alix Mortimer have done with their blogs. Not a bad idea, and it certainly worked for James who was deserving winner of the Lib Dem Blog Post of the Year award in Bournemouth.

But then it'll be sitting there, glaring at me, whispering write something now; and I'll feel all bad and guilty about it. I've lots of things to feel bad and guilty about already - I'll live without another.

Is Mr Quist dead? No, but he'll be getting a lot more sleep. Lib Dem Voice has been kind enough to publish a couple of my articles over the last few months, so maybe they will again.

If, by the way, you have a blog or other publication and might like to publish an occasional article of mine about politics, health, science or the media, drop me a line at (If you'd like to commission paid work, definitely drop me a line).

Thanks to everyone who's visited over the last year. It's been great fun and very educational (for me, at least). I've met lots of nice people online and, in a few cases, in real life. Hopefully you've enjoyed it as well. If so, keep an eye out for occasional pearls of Quisty wisdom popping up elsewhere, and don't forget to read the other great blogs out there too.

Thank you, and goodbye.

Costigan Quist

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